Find Your Happy Balance

Just like happiness and sadness, pain and pleasure and good and evil, there is a balance or opposite for everything in life. Life is anything but simple and sometimes it can be hard for you ‘find your happy’.

Happiness is a state where you feel true bliss and positive emotions. Most people believe that happiness comes from having a lot of money, but money isn’t what life is all about. As important as money is, the more valuableĀ things in life are the experiences you share with your family, friends and others, which are priceless.

When it comes to work, there are some people in life who just work and don’t take the time to enjoy their life, and end up burning out and overworking themselves. Then there are some people who live in the moment and without a care in the world, but may have feelings of regret.

I used to think that I would be happy if I had a lot of money. However, I am realizing that money helps but it doesn’t equal true happiness. Instead I’ve learned that happiness comes from feelings of joy and gratitude that result from positive experiences. Life is about the creating memories and having a balanced state of mind in everything that you do.

As they say nothing in life comes for free, such that opportunities, trust and love as well as respect must all be earned. You have to work hard but you also have to be able to take a step back, take criticism and correct yourself along the way.

Life is about living and experiencing new things. It is also about learning, growing and constant improvement. We should all strive to lead a balanced life and try not to lose sight of who we are in the process.

Another area where balance is important is in relationships; at times it is easy to put the other person’s feelings and needs first and neglect our own. Relationships are hard work and it takes a lot of teamwork and effort for two people to be happy together. It is important to be able to share how you feel and express yourself through clear communication, while being able to understand your partner’s views.

No one said life would be easy and I agree that life is a roller coaster ride. Sometimes no matter how hard you work at something, it doesn’t turn out how you expected. When life throws you any form of adversity, it is up to you to let it help or hinder you.

The notion of a balanced life is something that I strive to do. I believe in the philosophy “you get in life, what you give in life” and I want look forward to being able to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Never take life or anyone for granted, count your blessings and live life to the fullest!

Stay strong and beautiful!


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