Life is Precious

Today I crossed another item off my Life List #5, donating blood. Although it is not a big deal, it is an important one. Life is truly a gift; as easily as it is given it can be taken away just as quickly.

I have always wanted to donate blood but was too scared or nervous to ever go through with it. Today was different, I thought about the people that I would be helping instead of if it would be painful or uncomfortable for me. The process overall took about an hour and was not bad at all. Everyone there was friendly so it made it all the more enjoyable.

The blood clinic stations were set up in a high school. As I was walking towards the washroom, I felt a sense of nostalgia when I saw these.


These pictures usually cover the walls in both elementary and high schools. They are meant to inspire and develop young minds to succeed. They also teach them lessons about life and making their own decisions and not giving in to the pressures of life.

As I stood there and stared at them, the poster that read “Your mind is your most powerful resources”, stood out to me. I felt a sense of urgency and motivation to take more actions in life that would help me achieve my dreams. I know the difference between saying something and actually doing something and the profound goals that can come from it. It feels ten times better to accomplish something than it does to procrastinate about it. Only you have the power to do or not to what you want. You are in control of your life and no one can make you feel otherwise, unless you let them. So focus on what you want and distance yourself from those things that you do not want. Be happy and alive.

Never forget the importance of life, never forget who you are and what you want to do and think wisely about who you will take along in that journey with you.

Stay strong and beautiful!


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