Falling Off the Wagon…But Getting Back On It

So much for doing the April Fitness Challenge. To be honest, I didn’t even start it. I have been so busy doing other things and too tired/lazy and yes I do feel guilty. So better late than never I am going to start it today. I have been feeling super sluggish and lazy so exercise would do me good. I haven’t been eating all that bad though so at least I haven’t been packing on any pounds. Working two jobs has been exhausting and I am still getting into the rhythm of balancing a few hours of sleep in the first half of the week, but I am determined to create my dream life.

Hard Work Pays

I have been working hard to pay off my personal debt, #179 on my Life List. I was originally hoping to pay it off by August 2015, but hard work definitely pays off and (tax refunds also help). I will be paying the rest of my personal debt by the end of this month. The next financial goal I have set is to save up for a down payment for a house. Although I still have a bit of my student loan to pay off I plan to start aggressively start saving as well, while making regular or a bit over the regular payment amounts. I learned that debt resulting from Student loans is not necessarily a bad thing. Most people incur some sort of debt while attending school and since it is tax deductible some people are in no rush to pay them off. After doing some research I found that student debt is a ‘good debt’ in that it could actually benefit you and help your credit score. That is only if you make your payments on time. Not only do you have the ability to save money while making your payments, loans being paid over a long period of time help you build payment and credit history as well as diversify your debt.

Savings on the other hand, you either have them or you don’t. So although it is ideal to pay off all debts and start saving fresh from scratch, I think I am going to take my time paying off my student loans.  I figure, it takes much longer to save up then it does to make consistent payments and pay down your debt while also saving up for an emergency fund in case life happens. That is the game plan for now.

I look forward to living a life that I can be proud to say is mine. Here’s to achieving goals and winning in this game called Life.

Stay strong and beautiful!


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