Paying Off Debt Feels Good! Crossing off #179 of my Life List!

Today marks the day that I paid off my Personal Debt/Line of Credit, #179! It feels like a burden has been lifted off my chest. I still have my student loan left to pay, but as I mentioned before I am not rushing to pay that off, as explained in my previous post entitled “Falling Off the Wagon…But Getting Back On It”. I am going to work hard and diligently start saving up for a down payment on a house.

I know it will be hard and stressful and make me rethink my purchases, but I am determined and willing and able. If I’ve learned anything new, it’s that looking at my Life List everyday makes me aware of my goals and dreams. I wake up everyday thinking of what actions, big or small, I can take to cross off even more from my List.

An update on my fitness/workout routine: I have been exercising for at least 20 minutes everyday, but it is difficult because between my two jobs, it is hard to find time to sleep let alone work out. Instead of embarking towards a journey of completing the April Blogilates Challenge; I have been doing exercises from a wide assortment including videos I find on YouTube such as Tae Bo, 30 Day Shred, Blogilates and even just dancing in my room. I am so grateful for everything that I have and although at the moment I am not exercising as much as I would like to, I am lucky that I have the ability to work two jobs and am counting all my blessings.

The Journey Begins…

My next goal is #174, save up for a down payment for a house. Full steam ahead, here I go!

The two apps that I continue to use are: Mint and Savings Made Simple. I love Mint because it allows me to keep my budgets on track and provides me a summary report of how much money is coming in and what it is being spent on. I also appreciate Savings Made Simple because it gives you a detailed breakdown of how much you need to save daily, weekly, monthly etc., based on your goal deadline. I am looking forward to the day where I will have the opportunity to purchase a place I can call my own. I am so excited to see the money in my bank account grow and am dedicated to working hard and achieving this next big challenge!

Stay strong and beautiful!


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