You are your only ENEMY

When it comes to motivation it is easy to get all pumped up and excited about achieving your goals and dreams, but how long does this really last?

The reality is that life happens and we can get caught up in doing our errands and chores and just going with the flow. After work, we often just want to relax and enjoy ourselves not do more work. At times it can become difficult to keep the burning desire, determination and motivation.

The only thing that can stop you or hinder you, is yourself. You have the power to decide, no one else but you can stand in the way of truly living your dreams! There are days where no matter how much I tell myself that I am good enough and deserving of opportunities to achieve my goals, I get discouraged and start doubting my abilities. Everyone has off days but it is up to you to not let it continue and to get back to work and building a foundation for your future.

One of the hardest lessons I have learned is to: Keep believing in yourself no matter what the circumstances. As hard as it seems, life is only as difficult as you make it. Don’t stress on the things that are out of your control and only put stress upon the things that you yourself can change. Always count your blessings and be grateful.

Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you constantly challenge you to improve. Avoid the people who drag you down or do not add any benefit to your life.

Take advantage of your opportunities and if you don’t see any, create them. Remind yourself of the lifestyle you want to live every single day of your life. Think about what scares you and face your fears. In the least, take steps towards conquering your fears and keep at it. Invest in yourself and hold yourself accountable, there is no need to prove yourself to anyone but you. Once you feel worthy, others will see that you are worthy.

Have a vision, have faith and never give up! Here’s to making your dreams your reality!

Eat, sleep and breathe success.

Stay strong and beautiful!


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