Days of Blogging

In the midst of life and all it has to offer, we often find ourselves tired and unable to do the things that we truly want to do.

I haven’t written a blog post for a number of weeks because I have been busy with other things, tired or just plain lazy. Today I commit to blog more often. I have been spending a lot of time reading books, watching helpful YouTube videos about what I can do to build a better future.

One of the noteworthy videos that I watched was: Robert Kiyosaki – 60 Minutes to Getting Rich, a seminar given by Robert Kiyosaki, Author of the best selling, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. A friend showed me the video and a lot of the concepts and thoughts that Robert was talking about, really intrigued me. So much, that the very next day I listened to the whole audiobook of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It was amazing, I felt like I had discovered a sense of security and confidence that I too could achieve wealth and prosperity. His teachings were incredible; he spoke about his ‘two fathers’ that had almost opposite mentalities and views about money. Their lifestyles reflected the way they thought about money and how they went about living their lives. The philosophies that stuck out to me the most were: that money is a choice and that money is an idea and it doesn’t make you rich. It made me realize the power of knowledge and the importance of financial literacy and how crucial knowledge really is. I highly recommend this book or e-book to anyone who is serious about their financial future.

Being a Commerce student, I mainly studied business related courses. I minored in Finance and took a series of courses including: Managerial Finance, Personal Financial Planning and Money and Banking. I remember thinking that I would never need to know these things and that all I wanted to take these courses for was to complete my minor. I wish I knew then what I know now and understood the importance of understanding one’s finances. I wish I had paid attention to what the professor was saying and understanding the concepts, theories and formulae instead of just memorizing everything until the exam.

Should Have, Would Have, Could Have
Since I can’t do anything about the past, I will focus on the present and take steps to ensure that my future is the brightest that it can be. I have been reading articles and learning about what people do to secure their futures and slowly I will accumulate the knowledge that I need to make my visions and dreams a reality!

I am disappointed in myself and somewhat in our education system. This is because our education system fails to encourage individuals and students to invest and learn about money for themselves. Instead the courses teach us how to manage other people’s companies and take care of their finances while instilling in us, that we will always be the one working for such companies. I understand that schools are also a business and they sell education. There is a false idea that is taught that entrepreneurship is followed by the statistics about how 90% of businesses fail within their first two years, or that many companies go bankrupt and that there is too much risk and loss associated with opening up a business or starting your own company.

What is not focused upon is the percentage of businesses that are successful upon opening. Schools teach you to be afraid to take risks, but remember that life is all about risks and rewards. and because of this, most people will find themselves living pay cheque to pay cheque, not having enough funds to purchase a car, house or raise children, let alone retire. The fact that many people can work full time jobs that they don’t necessarily enjoy, while doing something on the side that they love and are passionate about, is the kind of life and mentality that I used to strive for. Now I have changed my focus and my perception and since then, I have heard more stories about successful startup companies and businesses than unsuccessful ones. I too want to be my own boss. I know I have a lot of things to learn and even more things to experience so with that I am going to get back to work and continue to focus on strengthening my mind and knowledge.

Stay strong and beautiful!


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