True Change MUST come from Within

As most people probably know, the only person that can change you is YOU.

If you decide to make changes to please someone else or other people, the changes will be short lived and temporary. True change has to come from within and you have to change because you want to change, no one else.

I think in the past I often felt pressured to change and tried to please everyone. This came with the price, of neglecting me and my goals and dreams. So much so that it has become a habit and I often thinking of helping others before I have helped myself…and so I find myself behind in this game of life. Living a, dare I say it, a comfortable life.  What I mean by comfortable life is that I am too lazy to reach for my potential. I see that what I desire is not in my reach and convince myself that I am still doing okay.

I believe that I have recently discovered that this is what was holding me back. I don’t tell people I am going to things so that it benefits them, I do it because it will help me become more confident and willing to try harder in life.

A university course that I took entitled “Strategies for Success” crossed my mind the other day. I was thinking about all the times I didn’t pay attention in school, when I just went to class because I had to and not because I wanted to. I think there is a power that comes from wanting to do something on your own accord. There is a satisfaction that I get from making To-Do lists and To-Be lists and an even bigger satisfaction when I cross something off each list.

I was reading about how one creates habits to create everlasting change and came up with the following summary:

1) Make a decision and get clear about what you want to achieve
2) Find a role model who has achieved a goal or dream that is similar to yours
3) Condition your mind by creating habits or rituals that will get you closer to your dream
4) Associate more pain to not completing your goals than potential pleasure – conquer your fear and follow through – be afraid of missing out
5) Get to a place where I SHOULD, becomes I MUST
6) Take massive action
7) Follow through
8) Notice what is working and what isn’t, then try something else – a different approach

As Tony Robbins says,

“Change is automatic, progress is not”. Success is measured by results and progress not words.

“Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.” This cannot be more true, the key word is committed because if you are not truly committed, you will fall into old habits.

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” You can control what you are focusing on, so focus on evidence and results instead of failures and pity.

Tips to keep going…

If ever you are in a position where you don’t like what is going on, just change your mindset and your physiology – simply by focusing on something else – you are simply amazing and you have the power to change what you are thinking, what it means and what you can do to change your situation.

Build up momentum and become unstoppable. Make it your reality and become obsessed with consistent self improvement.

Tony Robbins teaches = The bigger your Potential => The more Action you will take => Better Results => Strong Belief and certainty

I was recently faced with a situation that made me question my life and whether I was happy with it. I used to be able to convince myself that I was okay. But this situation showed me that I was not using my full potential or my full mind power. I thank the universe for this situation because it was like a wake up call or last call that made me realize that I am not living the life I’ve dreamed of. From this I gathered that there are those who work hard and get what they want. Along the way they learn how to be driven and instill a determination that will get them through just about anything life throws at them. Then there are those who are privileged, who are given all the opportunities and paths to success but don’t work as hard because they feel a sense of entitlement and ask for help when they are faced with a messy situation. There are other groups of people but I want to be in the first group, a humble, caring individual who counts her blessings each day and is truly grateful for everything life has to offer. I want to be a hardworking, intelligent woman who creates her own luck and opportunities.

Stay strong and beautiful!



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