Can’t Sleep…I’m Ready to Change

Today was a day spent reading books and watching motivational videos on YouTube. I went to bed from 12:15 a.m. and woke up with a ton of energy and motivation at 3:26 a.m.

I finally think that my body is realizing that changes must be made, or I will not only be letting those around me down, including my significant other, family and friends. I hate that it had to come to this, but I am eager to be successful. I am not sure what this means but I am more than willing to try.

Deadlines are fast approaching… I have a wedding to attend to in August and have been exercising a few times a week, but I am not seeing any results. It’s time to step up my game in EVERY SINGLE area of my life. It’s time to revamp my relationships and actually start to care and take into consideration other people’s wants and needs. It’s time to eat healthy and get my life on track, where it should have been many years ago. No more falling behind, no more letting others down.

I will no longer settle for mediocrity. I am better than that. Looking back, I blame no one but myself for the way my life has turned out. After all, it was me and only me who made poor decisions and didn’t think things through.

Why wasn’t I motivated this much before? Reflecting on my previous post entitled: Inspiration or Desperation or both. I think that I have finally changed my state and mentality. Well it’s about time. I keep going back and forth between being lazy and being successful. I used to just say I wanted to be successful but now it has become a must. I am not happy with my life in terms of my job or my relationships, my physical appearance and my failure mentality. What’s worse is that I am also not excelling in any other area of my life.

Whatever the reason is, I am grateful that I have seen what my life could be if I continue to act the way I do not make some drastic changes. – I would lose everyone I love because of my inability to follow through and my inability to change. I have spent hours crying and getting all of my emotions out. At the end of the day, tears don’t help the situation. So now, before it is too late, here’s to everlasting change.

As Eric Thomas (ETtheHiphopPreacher) says “I use the pain to push me to greatness”. That is my plan instead of sobbing about it and feeling like the world is against me, I will use my tears to prove others wrong and to prove to myself that I can do it.

I admit I may seem like a hypocrite telling others to do this or do that, when I myself haven’t even excelled but it stops here, today – No more laziness, no more excuses. From here on out, it will be about keeping my word, getting hungry for success and stopping at nothing to achieve my goals.

Make a decision, act upon it, gain momentum, never stop!

Stay strong and beautiful!


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