Life Decisions

Welcome to the year 2016! Where oil prices and interest rates are falling and everything else is rising and life just seems more expensive overall.

I wonder how those who are married, have a mortgage AND have children, do it. I suppose there are sacrifices to make it all work,  we just have to find the right formula that works for us.

What’s Next?

While being engaged is an amazing feeling that I want to enjoy and feel so special that I have found the man I truly want to spend the rest of my life with, that is not the end goal…it is the highly anticipated, exciting yet financially dreaded ‘Wedding‘.

I quite enjoy spending hours and hours on Pinterest gaining ideas and inspiration about themes, colours, photography, cakes as well as browsing and researching countless venues but for now a home takes priority and there will be plenty of time to plan once we get a place.

Type of Wedding

At first I thought it would be the most convenient to have a destination wedding with our closest friends and family in either Hawaii or Jamaica and then throwing a dinner with our family and friends. However, after much research and hearing stories and reading reviews, I felt it would be more intimate and personable to just have a small wedding all at once.

We also considered getting married at City Hall and having a dinner for our guests to announce our marriage. However, I thought about it long and hard and established that I want a wedding, since it only happens once in a lifetime and there are experiences that come out of planning a wedding that cannot be attained otherwise.

We have still not finalized a date and are thinking about what would season would work best for us.

Getting our Priorities Right

For my fiance and I, a wedding is something that we both want however, we are both thinking long term and feel that the timing for us to buy a place to call home couldn’t be better, and we want to take advantage of this great opportunity. After many discussions with my fiance, we have decided that the time to return to Ontario has come. Living in a city that is literally driven by oil and gas price with prices as low as 68.4 cents and a layoff, made our decision that much easier.

To Ontario We Go…

One thing that I can say is that the pace in life between Alberta and Ontario is very different; I never experienced the hustle and bustle of Toronto in Calgary. Everyone is so friendly and very laid back. Most of the people I worked with were just content with what they were doing. The drive and determination that is seen almost everywhere in Toronto is just not found in Alberta. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that people are lazy or not hardworking, there just isn’t the same level of stress, pressure and sense of urgency that I feel many Torontonians possess.

Although I am extremely excited and looking forward to moving back to Ontario, the 34 hour drive back will be quite the adventure! There are so many things about Alberta that I will miss dearly, especially the breathtaking views of the mountains on a mild, clear day.

I’ve finished packing most of our stuff and it’s a bittersweet moment. I will spend my last few weeks here taking in all the scenic views of the mountains that I can, the fresh air and the brisk but beautiful weather. I would like to thank Alberta, for the friends I have made, the places I’ve seen and the experiences that have made me into a stronger and smarter person today.

Bring it On

So while the wedding is still very much on my mind, I can’t help but shift some of my focus to the Ontario Real Estate Market. We have been preparing for the joys and disappointments of house hunting and hope to find our home soon.

We are both very happy and determined, so let the bidding wars begin…

Stay strong and beautiful!

Do you have any wedding tips, tricks or advice?

Do you think the real estate bubble will burst?


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