Do What YOU Have to Do to Get to Where YOU WANT to Be

What is Life?

Life is about taking risks, making decisions and giving it your all. Life is just too precious and short so NEVER let ANYONE, including yourself, stop you from achieving your dreams and make your dreams a reality.

Money, Money, Money

Money makes the world go round and I used to think that I wouldn’t be happy until I had more. It’s true that money makes life easier but it isn’t everything. It definitely makes life more enjoyable but I believe that spending time and making memories with the people you love and care about is more important. We all deserve to be happy but there is more to life than working for someone else and stressing yourself out to the point of exhaustion and not enjoying life.

Everybody has a Story

I have reached the point in my life where things are getting really real. House hunting to buy a house and planning a wedding are quite expensive and have taken up much of my time…As overwhelming as it has been, it has motivated me to really take the time to think about what kind of future I want to live and gets my creative juices flowing. Instead of stressing out about what I don’t have or wishing that things were different, I am learning to accept the things I cannot change and getting excited about new ways that I can thrive and create my own success.


When things seems like they are ‘not going right’, be confident and thankful. Trust that you have the strength and patience to handle anything that comes your way. Challenges in our lives often present themselves as hurdles of adversity but turn out to be little blessing’s in disguise. However, you often feel stronger and come out wiser after having gone through it. How you decide to proceed is up to you.

Five things I have learned:

Every conversation is an opportunity;

Every opportunity is a lesson;

Every lesson serves a purpose;

Everyone has a purpose; and

Everything happens for a reason.

So work your ass off and be thankful, you will get to where you want to be.

Keep your head up and be happy because your reward is just around the corner.

YOU were born with everything you need to SUCCEED!

Stay strong and beautiful!



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