Wedding Season Has Begun

This weekend my fiance and I attended our good friend’s wedding. In their culture and religion (Mangalorean Catholics) they hold a mehndi and a roce ceremony in addition to the wedding and reception.

On Wednesday, we attended a mehndi which is pretty much a party with food, friends and henna art.

Here is mine below:

Before the henna dried and flaked off



After the henna dried and flaked off:


If you look closely to the picture above, you can see my fiance’s name Sean slightly. My fiance chose this design and I love it! I requested the heart and thought it was a cute addition.


To make it darker, I added lemon juice and sugar to my henna art.

On Friday we attended another party where family and friends celebrated the bride and grooms upcoming wedding in the form of a roce ceremony. In such a ceremony the bride and groom are blessed and anointed with coconut milk and oil and symbolizes purity and an upcoming shift in life.

The wedding took place on Saturday it was a gorgeous day. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was fun! Congratulations again to our friends Naveen and Xiomara!


What did you do this weekend?

Stay strong and beautiful!


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