Thank you!

How it All Started

So would you believe me if I said I was first introduced to WordPress when a friend of mine needed assistance with the WordPress platform? Well, it’s true, I created an account to be able to assist/guide my friend who was required to create a very basic WordPress website, for a course assignment. I had never thought to much about blogging but remembered that I took a Web Page Design course in high school and really enjoyed it, even though I wasn’t the greatest at it.

A New Found Hobby

I proceeded to still use WordPress and was very impressed at the simplicity of the whole platform. I had just recently moved to Calgary, AB and was feeling homesick and decided that I would start blogging. Initially, it was just a hobby; something to take my mind off of the 9-5 grind at work but as I wrote more and more posts, I received quite a number of compliments and a few criticisms as well. I took steps to improve my writing and content, while loving every second of it. I then started receiving feedback from friends and colleagues, that my blog posts were really helpful, some humourous and some heartfelt.

Making a Difference

I recently reached 100 followers and would have never thought that people would be interested in reading what I wrote. Nevertheless, I really appreciate all those who have read or liked any of my posts, or left me a comment; I am grateful for you.

Thank You to my fellow bloggers, friends, family and colleagues, for being so supportive and making me feel like my experiences matter and can even be helpful to someone.

I can’t wait to continue writing posts for everyone as well as myself, as blogging brings me such joy. I believe that success and happiness are not measured by the number of followers, likes or comments that one has but by how many lives were impacted by your words and actions.

I hope to be able to make a difference in your life one day.

Stay strong and beautiful!


8 thoughts on “Thank you!

    • I sure have…eating better not wasting time sleeping anymore and just have an even more positive outlook on life…also trying to cut down on swearing but harder then it seems. lol! How about you?

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      • That’s so great to hear! Cutting down on the swear words might be tough…but there’s benefit in it as well. My reset has been going nicely, which isn’t a reflection on the tough choices I’ve had to make to stick with it (such as quitting Facebook). I do feel different mentally, though. I have a lot less stress, which was a primary goal for all of this. My relationship with my husband is improving, too.

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      • Hey…hope you’ve been well and you have successfully reset your life…just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award 2016!


    • Hey…hope you’ve been well and you have successfully reset your life…just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award 2016!


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