Disconnecting from The Noise of Society

Time to Unwind

A few weekends ago my fiance and our friends went up north for some good old cottaging. It was beautiful weather and something that I wish I could do more often. We arrived on Friday afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather, stopped by for a quick lunch and proceeded to get settled into our rooms. The view overlooking the water was breathtaking and the calm waves were quite soothing.


We spent most of our time canoeing, kayaking and swimming away in the captivating atmosphere of serenity and peace.

We climbed Dorset Tower the next day and spent our afternoon swimming and kayaking. We had a BBQ dinner and played several games of Uno until it was time to light the campfire. Sitting by the campfire, I looked up at the sky in awe, taking in the beauty of all the bright stars and clear night sky. It was a sight that I could stare at forever.

Reconnecting with Nature and Friends

It was really great to disconnect from social media and enjoy the views of mother nature. Even though there were wifi services, we all limited our social media usage and just focused on truly relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes you need to (even temporarily) remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of reality and tune into a more relaxing environment. This is exactly what I needed to recharge and now I have more energy to do the things I need to do. On our way park we stopped by the Algonquin Visitor’s Centre and learned a lot about our history and the wildlife that lives in Ontario.

After the tour, we went for lunch at a fish and chips place that had a collection of over 500 customized teapots. We then went our separate ways but not before stopping for some obligatory fudge and Kawartha Lakes ice cream. I had a great time and hope we can do this again, sometime soon. Thank you for a wonderful weekend friends!

Do you prefer the calm serene sounds and views of nature or the hustle and bustle and stressful nature of the city?

Stay strong and beautiful!


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