How High are Your Standards?

In this competitive world we live in it is easy to get overwhelmed and easily defeated. Once you realize that everything around you depends on how you view things and how you let them affect you, you will be able to breathe a bit easier and focus on your goals!

An important lesson I have learned in my life is to always try your best and don’t allow other people’s standards to influence yours; unless of course their’s are higher. If you work at a job that you hate or are highly unsatisfied with and work based on how much you make or who is watching, then it’s not your true self that is doing the work. If you are doing something that makes you happy, you will be so immersed and preoccupied that you won’t have time to stare at the clock, to slowly count how many hours are left till the end of your shift or when your lunch or next break will be.

I’ve been around people who know how to bring others down and have a pessimistic perception of life. I’ve also been around those who know how to lift people up and can provide some constructive criticism to their peers, friends and family. I used to think that a job was just that, a job; something I did to to pay all my bills so that I could live paycheck to paycheck and get through life. I have noticed that since I have become older, everything you do or say is a reflection of you and your standards and that when you do something you should approach it in the same manner as something you are passionate about. For example, treating your everyday job as your dream job would make it so much easier to get through the day instead of attempting to look busy when coworkers and management walk by.

Now standards can be high or low, but I have witnessed the difference in the mindset, mentality and attitudes of those who value themselves enough to base all their actions on their standards. Those who have higher standards hold themselves accountable to them on their own, no one needs to remind them, no one needs to tell them, they have made those standards a part of who they are. I strive to lead a life where my standards are high and I am able to be consistent in my level of effort, maintaining a positive attitude and forever looking for ways to improve.

Do you have high standards? What made you shape such standards? Do you do at least one thing a day that helps you improve your life?

Stay strong and beautiful!




2 thoughts on “How High are Your Standards?

  1. Heyyyyyy!! First of all, I love this post and that quote at the top. So true!! Secondly, thank you SO much for nominating me for the Leibster award!! I’m totally stoked and it means A LOT to me!! I am actually on vacation now until next week but I will write up my post etc when I get back!! Much love to you!!! 💜💜 (oh and my site is under construction at the moment but it will be up again when I get back!!)

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