Wake Up!

Health is Everything

Today I decided that I wanted to embark on a new journey filled with fitness and health. After some recent events, I have established that it’s now or never; because once you lose your health, it’s hard to get it back.

I got a serious wake up call a few weeks ago, that well has changed my life forever. I learned the importance of health and that I need to take it seriously this time.

Work it Off

To start I am going to create and follow a 30 minutes daily fitness regimen that will include Foam Rolling and a combination of Pilates and Yoga. I bought my roller here. I’d never heard about rolling until my friend told me all about it and the benefits she’s experienced since she started.

I think the key to sticking with exercising will be to not follow any one workout but to mix it up and make it up as I go and have fun while doing it. I’ve always gotten bored fast with workout videos because you get familiar with the people, the music and the moves.  To ensure that this time will be different I am reorganizing my life, eating habits and overall daily routine. 

Mind Cleanse…Relax

I am also going to start meditating everyday as well. This will help relax my mind and keep me focused on what’s important. I am done with negativity in my life and have continued to distance myself from those who constantly create drama and add no meaning to my life. An app that I have been using for meditation is Meditation Music. I love that it has a timer so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep or waking up just to turn it off.

You Are What You Eat 

My diet and food choices have not been optimal and so I will start to incorporate more veggies and fruits and whole foods into my meals. I will also increase the amount of water that I am drinking and eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout my day. I will not be using any calorie counting or weight loss apps as I usually get l obsessed with inputting all my meal details and end up constantly hungry. I also refuse to follow any type of ‘diet’ as doing so in the past has led me to gain even more weight and unhealthy choices.

My Healthy Future

I never want to feel or go through what I went through over the past couple weeks ever again. I understand that there is only so much that one can control but I can’t risk the chance of it happening again. So I will take the necessary measures and change my lifestyle for me and my future children.

I used to think that I could get by in life eating whatever I wanted but after receiving the shock of my life I now understand that the way that I am currently living is unacceptable; changes MUST be made.

My goal is to lose a total of 30 lbs. in order to reach my healthy weight. I know that it won’t happen overnight. However, I believe with focus, self-discipline and hard work I will get there. Currently, I am not satisfied with my weight or how it makes me feel. So, I vow to do whatever it takes to feel more confident, happy and never give up!

Here’s to a new and healthier lifestyle!

Have you ever received a wake up call regarding your health?

If so, what did you do to address it?

Stay strong and beautiful!






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