Secret Pregnancy Post…4 weeks along

Could It Be?

I was going through the dreaded two week wait and was failing…testing and testing..knowing that it was too early but feeling so many symptoms.

TMI warning

There were a handful of symptoms I had that raised my suspicions that I may be pregnant. I had gas like it was no ones business…I had trouble sleeping and would wake up every morning at 5 am. My forehead was always super warm and I was extra bloated. My nipples were on fire.

I was at work a couple days later and felt like Aunt Flow was going to appear at any moment….the next day came and no AF. So i went to the dollar store after work and there it was the faintest line you ever did see.

Thank You God!

I am so happy and hope this little bean sticks…but I am a bit worried as I suffered an early miscarriage this past December. The lines have been getting darker and darker so I splurged on a Clearblue digital and ‘1-2 weeks’ appeared. I began to cry with tears of joy and excitement. I am so grateful that God has blessed us.

Hoping for a happy and healthy pregnancy journey!

Stay strong and beautiful!


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