Trying to Induce Labour

Weeks 38 to 39

After being told that I would have to get induced I tried the following different methods to try and prepare my body for and attempt to induce my own labour.

1) acupuncture: this is to be done by a professional and is thought to help inducing contractions I had this done a couple of time but did not end up inducing labour.

2) castor oil: this was disgusting and uncomfortable all it did was give me the runs and a stomachache

3) acupressure: this method was somewhat painful and is supposed to help start contractions; maybe I was doing it wrong

4) sex: according to my research sperm is supposed to help soften and dilate your cervix, but the reality of being 9 months pregnant and having sex doesn’t make for the most positive experience especially when you feel heavy, have aches and are not feeling the most attractive

5) evening primrose oil capsules: I took these starting at 35 weeks because they contain prostaglandins that help soften and dilate the cervix

6) raspberry leaf tea: I drank this starting at 37 weeks to help strengthen my uterus for birth and to shorten the length of labour as a result of more efficient contractions during the pushing stage

7) fenugreek water: soaking seeds and drinking it throughout the day; a bit bitter so added some honey and thought to bring on contractions

8) thyme water: steep thyme leaves in hot water and drink to increase or start contractions

9) walking: they say that walking helps bring down the baby (due to gravity) and helps induce labour…I walked at least an hour everyday in the evenings and at least 20 minutes after each meal…nothing happened

10) bouncing on fitness ball: this helped drop baby boy lower and helped open up my pelvis while taking a lot of weight off my back

11) warm baths: I took plenty warm baths and would almost always fall asleep because it was so relaxing but nothing more happened with this method either

12) nipple stimulation: I attempted this method manually as well as with a manual and an electric breast pump but all it did was make them sore instead of increasing the production of oxytocin and start contractions

13) black cohosh capsules: taking these did absolutely nothing for me except leave a bad taste in my mouth

14) basil: I had a few dishes that had basil…it didn’t do much for labour but it satisfied my belly

15) meditation and visualization techniques: the mind is an extremely poweful thing and while it may not have put me in labour it made Last 2yrs T1 Gen (1st four pages) & NOAs, and lastly confirmation of deposit to bank account for 2 months, plus some sort of explanation why no pay stubs dilate your cervix, not sure how effective they were though

17) clary sage oil: this essential oil smells amazing! I added a few drops to my warm baths as well as in my diffuser. This oil is a natural uteronic and starts uterine contractions; this did not work for me but the scent is really relaxing

18) pineapple: I have heard that pineapple contains bromelain an enzyme that is believed to soften your cervix and start labour…however, I heard that you would have to eat a considerable amount for this method to be effective

19) spicy food: some pregnant women swear by spicy food to induce labour; it didn’t do much for me but it was delicious

20) cinnamon and cloves tea: boil cinnamon sticks and cloves in water and steep to help bring on labour; this tea didn’t bring on labour for me but it was good with a touch of honey

I tried so hard to start labour and/or induce contractions as I wanted to avoid any type of induction. Unfortunately my body was not ready and none of these methods worked for me.

I had to be induced; I was given two options Cervadil or a Foley bulb catheter. After doing some research I decided that I wanted to be induced using a drug free method and opted for a Foley bulb. In this mechanical method of induction, a catheter with a balloon is inserted into your cervix and is inflated using a saline solution. The catch is that it is only helpful in making your cervix dilate to 3 cm.

I had scheduled my Foley bulb induction when I was 39 weeks and 3 days. To my surprise when I went to get induced I had dilated to 3 cm on my own, rendering the Foley bulb useless.

I was given the option to have my water broken or to come back the next morning. Of course I chose to go home and that night I prayed that I would go into labour on my own.

For those of you who successfully induced your labour what methods did you try? What worked and didn’t work for you?

How far along were you?

Look out for my next post where I share my labour and delivery story.

Stay strong and beautiful!


4 thoughts on “Trying to Induce Labour

  1. Hey girl! I popped in to see how you were and it looks like it’s just about time! Is this your first? It can take a while with the first. Not sure if there is a medical reason your doc is pushing induction, but if you can get around it, I would encourage you to wait. With that being said, I know how uncomfortable it can be when you’re 100 weeks pregnant and ready for things to progress. I had success at induction with acupuncture last year with my son. It looks like you may have tried that already, but being that it’s your first, a second time might not hurt. Good luck, mama!

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    • Thank you for your comment antoinette5000 and your advice. It is my first. My ob wanted to induce me at 39 weeks because baby boy was big but I managed to push the date back. I ended up being induced at 39 weeks 7 days and gave birth at 39 weeks 6 days so just 1 day short of my due date. Hope you are well!!

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      • Congratulations!!! Motherhood is so much fun. It is also challenging, exhausting, and frustrating, but those areas can be remedied as long as you stay true to being the type of mom you know you want to be. It all falls into place one way or the other. Babies go through phases, which is nice because just as you are wondering when and how something might get resolved with your child, they move on to something different and you can put it behind you. I believe that motherhood is a sisterhood as well, and I encourage you to take any tips or advice offered to you in sincerity and tuck them into your pocket for use later. Some might try to make you feel like you have to do things “their” way, but all you are truly obligated to do is take care of yourself and your baby…however you need to.

        Good luck! I’m always here, too, in case you have a question. 🙂

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      • Thank you so much…yes there are definitely days where I question my ability to be a mother but I am slowly but surely figuring it out. What great advice…motherhood is absolutely a sisterhood and I’m thankful for you!! 😉


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