10 Things I Learned by 30

  1. Start saving up for your future early. I wish someone had told me to save more and be smart with my money. Especially with the high costs of real estate today; it is important to start when you’re younger. This seems a bit challenging because attending post secondary often leaves you in a big, fat pile of student debt or loan. If you are fortunate enough to borrow money from the bank from your family/parent(s) then consider yourself lucky and already a few steps ahead.
  2. Never stop learning and improving. If I had one regret it’s that I stopped teaching myself new things. Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve…think forward and don’t dwell on the past.
  3. Go to school to develop your social networking skills and to build relationships. I know far too many people who graduate with a degree and don’t even use it…(myself included). Even though school seems useless when you can’t find a job…it teaches you fundamental social skills that you will use throughout your life.
  4. Build good habits, bad habits are always harder to break and change.
  5. Listen to your parents, they mean well…even though at the time it seems that they are ruining your life.
  6. Learn to trust in yourself and have faith that things will work out….worrying achieves nothing and wastes time and energy. Put yourself out there and take chances on yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself…who will?
  7. Express yourself…don’t be afraid to stay true to who you are and speak up when you feel strongly about something that affects your values. You will never make everyone happy so focus on your own happiness.
  8. Be kind to others…acts of kindness never go unnoticed. Do things because you want to not because you want something in return.
  9. Never settle for less than you can be. In order to be successful there has to be a fire inside that drives you to push yourself and get you to the next level. Create that fire by practicing self discipline and there won’t be anything that you can’t do.
  10. Think before doing…speaking and acting. There’s no harm in taking your time to make a decision. Build up your mental strength so that you base your decisions on logic not emotion.

What wisdom can you share from your life experiences?

Stay strong and beautiful!


      Another Year Gone By

      I cannot believe that it is already 2017! Where did the year go?

      2016 has definitely been filled with lots of happiness and love as well as some sadness. All in all it was an amazing year and I pray that everyone has a 2017 full of life, lessons and love.

      I am so grateful for everyday that I am alive. I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for my husband and I.

      Happy New Year everyone and have a lush life in 2017! Thank you for all your support in 2016, I am so thankful to all of you.

      What are your goals for 2017?

      Stay strong and beautiful!



      With Loss, Comes Lessons

      Life is so amazing; one minute you are so happy and in awe of its beauty and the next, it’s taken away from you and you are left to suffer, grieve, learn from it and eventually move on. This year has been a fast one to say the least.

      If you asked me how I thought 2016 would turn out; I wouldn’t know what to say. Now having lived through it I can say it has been one of the best years of my life; filled with so many joys, challenges, and lessons. Starting with getting engaged on New Years Eve 2015, to getting married in September 2016. A lot has happened in the span of a year and I am grateful and truly thankful that each one of these events happened.

      I was working an amazing job in Alberta and then got subsequently laid off. The lesson that I learned was the importance of family. I moved back to Ontario with my at the time fiance and was able to spend time with friends and family again. Shortly after, we bought an investment property and decided in June that we wanted to get married this year. A few short months of planning and running around to different vendors, we got married on our 8 year anniversary, September 10, 2016. We learned that we were expecting and we were a bit overwhelmed but at the same time extremely happy and excited. I had no idea and meanwhile fell sick with the flu not once but twice, I felt so weak and tired all the time but didn’t know why. Then I took a test and everything made sense.

      From the second I found out I was pregnant, I took precaution with everything I did and ate. I was sick with the flu so I couldn’t take any medication for it and just sucked it up.

      As life often does, a curveball was thrown and that beautiful little blessing turned into a loss. At 9 weeks I, unfortunately, had a missed miscarriage and my life hasn’t been the same ever since.

      I am still in the middle of processing and accepting it but I know in the end that everything happens for a reason and that God has a better plan for me.

      Instead of being bitter and emotional, I am trying to approach this from a logical point of view. I don’t see this as someone being taken away from me but as an opportunity to better prepare myself for the time when it will happen.

      As my heart heals, I am taking steps I need to take to get my health and mind back to a good place.

      This situation has taught me so much over the past few months. I think I felt like what it would be like to become a mother and be responsible for raising a small human and teaching them to be a good person.

      Of course, it still breaks my heart whenever I see a pregnant woman, baby, small child or pregnancy announcements and ultrasounds I have faith that my time to become a mother will come and I will appreciate it even more.

      I also know that things can always be worse and so I am grateful as well that it happened when it did and not later in the pregnancy. From the pregnancy, I learned that I have a large cyst on my ovary and would not have known otherwise so it forced me to address this issue and to handle it before it got out of hand.

      Miscarriage, it’s a sad and unfortunate topic and situation to be in but it happens all too often and needs to be talked about more openly. When it happened to me I couldn’t help but think it was my fault and that I could have done something to prevent it; I felt like my body had failed me and I kept blaming myself.

      Over the past month or so I have convinced myself to believe that God allowed this to happen so that something even greater will come of it in the future.

      Have you ever experienced a loss that changed your life? Please share your story and comment.

      Stay strong and beautiful!

      Wake Up!

      Health is Everything

      Today I decided that I wanted to embark on a new journey filled with fitness and health. After some recent events, I have established that it’s now or never; because once you lose your health, it’s hard to get it back.

      I got a serious wake up call a few weeks ago, that well has changed my life forever. I learned the importance of health and that I need to take it seriously this time.

      Work it Off

      To start I am going to create and follow a 30 minutes daily fitness regimen that will include Foam Rolling and a combination of Pilates and Yoga. I bought my roller here. I’d never heard about rolling until my friend told me all about it and the benefits she’s experienced since she started.

      I think the key to sticking with exercising will be to not follow any one workout but to mix it up and make it up as I go and have fun while doing it. I’ve always gotten bored fast with workout videos because you get familiar with the people, the music and the moves.  To ensure that this time will be different I am reorganizing my life, eating habits and overall daily routine. 

      Mind Cleanse…Relax

      I am also going to start meditating everyday as well. This will help relax my mind and keep me focused on what’s important. I am done with negativity in my life and have continued to distance myself from those who constantly create drama and add no meaning to my life. An app that I have been using for meditation is Meditation Music. I love that it has a timer so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep or waking up just to turn it off.

      You Are What You Eat 

      My diet and food choices have not been optimal and so I will start to incorporate more veggies and fruits and whole foods into my meals. I will also increase the amount of water that I am drinking and eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout my day. I will not be using any calorie counting or weight loss apps as I usually get l obsessed with inputting all my meal details and end up constantly hungry. I also refuse to follow any type of ‘diet’ as doing so in the past has led me to gain even more weight and unhealthy choices.

      My Healthy Future

      I never want to feel or go through what I went through over the past couple weeks ever again. I understand that there is only so much that one can control but I can’t risk the chance of it happening again. So I will take the necessary measures and change my lifestyle for me and my future children.

      I used to think that I could get by in life eating whatever I wanted but after receiving the shock of my life I now understand that the way that I am currently living is unacceptable; changes MUST be made.

      My goal is to lose a total of 30 lbs. in order to reach my healthy weight. I know that it won’t happen overnight. However, I believe with focus, self-discipline and hard work I will get there. Currently, I am not satisfied with my weight or how it makes me feel. So, I vow to do whatever it takes to feel more confident, happy and never give up!

      Here’s to a new and healthier lifestyle!

      Have you ever received a wake up call regarding your health?

      If so, what did you do to address it?

      Stay strong and beautiful!





      Put Your Faith in God

      My husband and I recently started attending a Christian church. Now I know what you’re thinking…some branches of Christians can be quite intense…I thought the same until I heard the pastor’s sermon. 

      My mind was blown….never have I ever related so much to a sermon before. I actually got emotional. I attended a Roman Catholic church throughout my childhood and since I moved back from Alberta mainly because I thought I should.  Now I’m excited and inspired and want to attend church. The fact that my husband attends with me along with my sister and her husband makes it into a weekly meet up to discuss what’s going on in all of our lives. 

      The sermons are amazing and even though I have only been there a couple of times…everyone is so friendly and we are fitting in just fine. The pastor explains the message of God and basis it on his own life experiences and mistakes. The service is a bit longer than a traditional mass but I actually enjoy every minute of it. 

      Its amazing how much you can achieve when you put your faith in God or a Higher Power. I just feel so blessed and even more grateful because I know that no matter what happens in my life it’s because God intended it to happen. I am much happier these days, my relationships are improving, my self confidence is slowly getting better among other things. The experience has been so positive that even though the church is a bit far from us, it’s definitely worth the drive.

      What do you believe in?

      Do you attend mass or other religious service?

      Share your experiences.

      Stay strong and beautiful!

      Progress not Change

      We can all use a boost in life when our own motivation and drive starts to dwindle.

      With the seasons changing and people catching colds or the seasonal flu, it is easy to find yourself in a demotivated state; wanting to snuggle under the covers for a bit longer and delaying your day.

      It’s All About Rituals

      I have been practising this Hour of Power for a couple of weeks now and even though I listen to the program constantly, I have to say that I still find it still difficult to do this daily.

      Tony Robbins’ Hour of Power

      1. Breathing and moving to change your state
      2. Listing a list of things you are grateful for and visualize what you want to achieve/acquire;
      3. Incantations and Rituals

      Breathe in through your nose for 4 breaths and out through your mouth for 4 breaths. Do this for at least 5 minutes, you should find yourself in a relaxed state and your mind is still.

      Next focus on allnthebthings you are grateful for. Really appreciate the emotions and feelings that you experiencing…Change the way you feel by changing how you move. As you are moving, shout out incantations aloud….Everyday, in every way I’m feeling _________ and __________. Feel free to fill in the blanks, Tony uses ‘stronger and stronger’ but you can use whatever words you need to.

      Everyone is always talking about how they need to change. You could do nothing and things will still change. Tony explains that change is automatic, progress is not. How true is that? What a powerful statement.

      So here I am focusing on progress and the habits that I must adopt in order to achieve progress.

      Am I Comfortable? Do I Not Want to Improve and Achieve Massive Success?

      So what I have been doing all this time? A few weeks ago I attended a Christian Healing Mass; to be honest I didn’t know what to expect. It was pretty overwhelming, seeing people almost being ‘possessed’ by the Power of the Holy Spirit.There were some individuals swaying back and forth, some that were crying and I was a bit intimidated by it all. The person that led the service was a famous Korean Evangelist who had just completed a tour in Asia.

      I tried my best to just take it all in and learn what I could from the experience. It was more like a Seminar as it lasted a little over three hours. At the end of the service, the minister asked anyone who would like a blessing to proceed to the front. One by one, the minister blessed each individual; some of them fainting as they received their blessing. When it was my turn, I was a bit nervous and worried about what he would say. He said something that has stuck with me…”You have the gift of administration, you have so many things that you want to accomplish in your life, but for some reason you have a lot of fear and you are very shy, and so I will remove this fear and shyness for you.” I had never met this man before today, and his words impacted me in a way, I cannot explain.

      Never the Same

      Since that day I have been almost forcing myself to just do things, to build my confidence and prove that I can do it. It sounds a bit crazy, and seems like I am always writing about success or my lack of success, but I believe success is a work in progress…..never ending, ever-evolving and achieved by hard work, discipline and the right attitude.

      I know in my mind and in my heart, that I will be able to accomplish my goals and reach a whole different level of greatness, if I just continue to train my mind and work hard.

      How do you motivate yourself?

      What tricks have you played on your mind?

      Stay strong and beautiful!

      Living Life for Me

      The sense of joy you get from doing something yourself can range from small to significant.

      In this crazy journey called life it is easy to fall victim to other people’s goals and dreams. When you start a bond or relationship with someone it is easy to put your dreams on the back-burner and forget about what is important to you.

      In such a judgmental society it is hard to be able to think for yourself and truly just be you. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others. It is time we live for ourselves in addition to ourselves not vice versa. I have been listening to a lot of Tony Robbins lately…namely The Hour of Power. It is pretty inspirational and has given me the faith in myself that I have been lacking all this time. Each time I listen to it..I drill it into my subconscious mind that I am in control of my thoughts and my mind.

      I’ve had people doubting me my whole life and always felt so dumb and powerless…but now I understand that no one can control what I think and how I act and there is such bliss and gratitude that comes from understanding that.

      I’ve also noticed how some people are just energy suckers and no good to be around. They are constantly complaining and I realize that I cant help them; it is better to let them be than to try. When your head gets filled with their problems…it’s time to distance yourself from them and carry on.

      I feel like a hypocrite because I used to be the one that used to complain about EVERYTHING. Drama queen 👑 wasn’t even the word…I was so used to living in doubt and laziness instead of doing something to fix my problems.I just ranted about it to get it off my chest and then continued as if nothing had happened. I was an expert at turning off my emotions when it was convenient too…often playing the blame game to take focus off of me and my weaknesses and faults.

      I have been on the receiving end of people who constantly complain and it is not only exhausting but it’s also depressing. I sincerely apologize to all those I did that to. Well you live and you learn I suppose. It’s funny how life turns tables and shows you how you act through other people.

      One thing is for sure, the sooner you live life for yourself the happier you will be.

      Stay strong and beautiful!